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“On-Demand Food Delivery App business has become one of the fastest growing businesses.Alikeapps Superfast online food ordering app seamlessly connect foodies with restaurants”

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About UberEats-Alike

You can Choose any recommended restaurant in your town and get your food delivered at your doorsteps.Our advanced on demand food delivery app will allow you to feed people the meal of their choice. UberEats-Alike app is amazing and most wanted App in the current market. it's time to launch your very own UberEats-alikeapps food ordering clone script.

Information Access

The main thing that interests customers when they check food delivery apps is information. Restaurants, their menus, ingredients, pricing, hours, locations, calories; all these information is essential for customers to make up their minds and place their orders.

In-App Payment Integration

If the technological advancements enable us to give them access to food to our customers of all nearby restaurants and place an order, then it’s also possible to let those customers pay for their food at the same place.

Nowadays, most on-demand startups in various industries provide this feature in their mobile applications.



Auto Completion of Address

With the help of autocompletion of address you may save one time address and faster time to order your favourite dishes

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Instant & Convenient Booking

Alikeapps food ordering script allows you you to place your favourite dishes now or schedule anytime


Easy and pain-free scaling

Built on a robust technology stack, your business can be confident about scaling your operations with ease.


SMS Verification

Alikeapps provides instant way to authenticating your mobile number and payment gateway for security purposes

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Alarm Button

Alikeapps-Food ordering app sends an instant notification to confirming your order,pickuping,delivering.


User Wallet

No need to carry your cards and wallets to each and every place you visit or travel.you can load money your own wallet and make order food so easy

Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking feature was popularized by Uber. Now, when it comes to any kind of on-demand service, real-time tracking is one of the essential features of the mobile application. UberEats, Postmates, Caviar; all have integrated real-time tracking feature to bring the best customer experience for their customers.

Once the location is verified, the customer can track his order delivery from his customer-side of app and driver can see the route to the customer’s delivery address on his courier-side app.

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