Does your business want to do more with Facebook Messenger?

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What is Chat bot? How autoreply messenger works?.

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your time our customer support executive will get back.

Thank you for using these automatic replies, your lead has become a customer to your competitor company.

Well yes this is the case that is happening with most of the business nowadays, So what is Facebook Messenger Chatbot and why do you need Facebook messenger Chatbot.

Automatic Replies ?? YES !! But with a twist. The Facebook Messenger Chatbot Replies automatically to a person “Continuously” until the client has got all enough informations about your company and is not seeing another company


Can the Facebook Messenger Bot help for Shopping ??

Is that the question in your mind ?? Worry not. The Facebook Messenger Bot is capable enough to show all your products in the messenger as a text to your customer and let them add the products to their cart inside that messenger - “That is Insane”. But no The facebook Messenger ChatBot can do it, It lets you show your products available in your website with the pricing and help them add the products to their and the customers are being redirected to your website full of products added through Facebook Messenger Bot and it ready to fill their details and buy the products. The customer data is safe with you.

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Any companies that are using Facebook Messenger Bot?

Well there are a lot of companies like KFC, Tommy Hilfiger, Vikkys and more are using the new technology. Vikkys is an South Indian based company which is now actively using the Facebook Messenger Chatbot developed by AlikeApps

We have recently surveyed about the customer shopping experience and how much time will it take for a customer to buy a product. What makes you lose your customer?

“TIME” yes it is. Customer are more oftenly coming to your website through Google search, Online promotion done in social media, Google Ads, SEO and blogs. But what happens when it takes time for your website to load with all the products that you have listed in your website, the customer leaves and there is zero sale. But with messenger bot the customer has already seen the products they need through the Facebook Messenger Chatbot , It’s like a friend is helping them in suggesting to buy the products in a FASTER time and yes that helps.

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot is very much helpful to businesses to make sale through their Messenger in a faster and easier way.

Listen to the expert Advice from If you are ready to start Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your business, you will definitely have to know coding. If you wanted help to develop the Facebook Messenger Chatbot, ALIKEAPPSTUDIO is always there to develop the Bot for your business.

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