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taxi blog-alikeapps
Where to buy uber clone App / App like Uber ?
By Alike App Studio   |   5 Dec 2018   |   Taxi Apps

Yes, this question is currently in the mind of many people around the world. Uber dominating the Taxi industry in most of the countries has become a tough time for most of the taxi business owners in the countries.

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ubereats blog-alikeapps
Grow your online food deliveryapp exponentially now
By Alike App Studio   |   8 Nov 2018   |   UberEats

When we talk about on-demand food delivery, it’s been seen that many restaurant owners prefer to register themselves with one or the other online platform, there are few who wish to give more personalized service with their own mobile application.

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chat bot development-blog-alikeapps
Can the Facebook Messenger Bot help for Shopping ??
By Alike App Studio   |   12 Nov 2018   |   Chat Bot Development

Automatic Replies ?? YES !! But with a twist. The Facebook Messenger Chatbot Replies automatically to a person “Continuously” until the client has got all enough informations about your company and is not seeing another company.

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Investing Money in cryptocurrency is good?
By Alike App Studio   |   5 Dec 2018   |   Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitcoin creates a unique address for each transaction keys to process transactions like receive, store, and send bitcoins. Exchange Software creates flawless and powerful Bitcoin wallet mobile apps

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digitalmarketing blog-alikeapps
How to get more leads?How to Increase Traffic of your website?
By Alike App Studio   |   15 Nov 2018   |   Digital Marketing

Yes, There are certain ways to get top in search engines and improve site speed performance,engagments,leads, and much more...many companies have a team in digital marketing working on that.

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tinder clone blog-alikeapps
I Met My Husband on Match (Tinder clone) – Katharine and Joe
By Alike App Studio   |   25 Nov 2018   |   Tinder Clone App

Online dating has been a pretty active scene, since the early days of the internet, using the magic of modern technology for years to match up singles. But the game was leveraged to a whole new level with the advent of the mobile apps.

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